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IT Facilities and Services

Welcome to Computer Centre

* Email ID

TISS provides email address to all its students, all communications from the institute to the student will be sent on this email address. Students are encouraged to change their passwords every few months.  Please make sure that your password is a combination of  atleats one numeric, one special characters and is should atleast be eight characters long if possible. Please do not use your usernames as passwords.

The onus of maintaining security of their accounts by using proper password practices lies with the student. Your username and passwords gives you access to the various services inside the institute, these services have a monetary component associated with them for example access to institute printers. You sharing your passwords is as good as sharing your own printer account. This leaves a door open for abuse.


* Access to institute internet and intranet

Starting this year we have completely automated the process of registering student computers. This registration is mandatory to ensure compliance with NKN directives of which the institute is a part of and also to ensure proper management.

Any unregistered computer accessing the internet will be redirected to a captive portal where he will be challenged for a username and password which in the case of TISS students is their email username and password. The student has to accept the fair use policy on the captive portal page, unless they accept the fair use policy they will not be given access to the internet/intranet in the institute.  Please read the fair use policy carefully before accepting it.

Students can register only upto three devices of any make or kind with us. The computer center will provide support for only laptops. As for smart phones or tablets they may or may not work with our system.


* Printing

Students can take printouts from the three printers in the Cyber library. While using the printers we advise that you make use of the paper judiciously by printing on both sides of the paper. Please remember every printout you take means a forest lost somewhere. If possible please avoid taking printouts until absolutely necessary. Also avoid taking printout of photographs as they consume a lot of ink.

The printing charges are Rs. 1/- per pages. Only GOI-PMS students get 2000 pages of free printouts for 2 year degree course. Soon we will have a system where students can log into their personal area on this website and get their printer usage statistics. The details of which we will put on this website.


* Moodle

TISS has a moodle LMS website where all course related readings can be accessed by students. Students can login to the moodle  website and enrol for the courses after which they will get access to their course materials.

* Smart Card

All students will be issued smart cards which they are supposed to use for attendance at the Foundation courses.

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